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2022 Sloan Research Fellowship

Chong has been selected to receive a 2022 Sloan Research Fellowship. Awarded annually since 1955, the Sloan Fellowships honor scholars in the U.S. and Canada whose creativity, leadership, and independent research achievements make them some of the most promising researchers working today.

Moreover, it is exciting that our collaborator Prof. Quanquan Gu is also one of the eight UCLA recipients of this year’s Sloan Research Fellowship!

The report of UCLA Newsroom is here. The report at UCLA Chemistry & Biochemistry is here.

2021 Scialog Collaborative Innovation Award

We are excited to be awarded the 2021 Scialog Collaborative Innovation Award! This project is in collaboration with Prof. Haotian Wang at Rice University and Andrea Hicks at University of Wisconsin, Madison. Looking forward to the collaboration!

A fellow of Scialog: Negative Emissions Science, Chong is grateful for the funding support from the Research Corporation for Science Advancement.

The departmental report of this award can be found here.

New NSF support

We are grateful for the new support from NSF Division of Chemistry (CHE) that allows us to work on machine learning and electrochemistry with our collaborator Prof. Quanquan Gu at UCLA Computer Science! Stay tuned for our research progress in the future.

Ben Natinsky receives the UCLA Dissertation Year Fellowship!

Graduate student Benjamin Natinsky receives the 2021-2022 UCLA Graduate Division Dissertation Year Fellowship (DYF), among the 13 chemistry & biochemistry graduate student researchers in the department. With a $20,000 stipend plus standard tuition and fees, the DYF is intended to support doctoral students who are within one year of completing and filing their dissertations. The departmental news report is here. Congratulations, Ben!

Ben Natinsky received two awards!

Graduate student Ben Natinsky (OG Ben) received the departmental John Stauffer Excellence in Research Award in recognition of his research excellence and productivity, as well as the departmental Michael E. Jung Excellence in Teaching Award in recognition of Ben as excellent teaching assistants.

This summer Ben is participating in the DOE Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy (EERE) Energy Storage Internship Program at National Energy Technology Laboratory. Congratulations to Ben and enjoy the internship!

First Ph.D. in the group! Congratulations, Rosie!

The first graduate student in the Liu group, Ms. Roselyn Rodrigues, received her Ph.D. in Chemistry along with our departmental Inorganic Chemistry Dissertation Award. Congratulations!

Time flies. It is hard to believe that so many years have passed. Chong keeps recalling the summer of 2017 when Rosie and Chong were opening boxes like Christmas and setting up the lab. Chong is grateful for all the works that Rosie has contributed to the group and the mentoring that she did to other junior students. Best wishes to Rosie for her future career!

Awards from our undergraduate students!

We have multiple excellent undergraduate students receiving recognitions this year. Congratulations!

  1. David Dumas received the Susan Elizabeth Baumgarten Chemistry Endowed Student Award.
  2. Luke Elissiry received the ACS Award for Outstanding Senior in Inorganic Chemistry
  3. David Dumas, Luke Elissiry, and Brianna Mai presented their research at the UCLA Undergraduate Research Showcase.
  4. We have two undergraduates who just graduated: Luke Elissiry will start at UC Berkeley for graduate study and Coco Wu will start at UCSF. Best wishes to their future career!