The initial stage of lab setupA, Schematic of the initial reaction in the Liu lab. Optical images of the initial idle state (Lab0,idle, B), the transition state (LabC), and the first intermediate (Lab1D). (Unpublished results)

Images for the research before joining UCLA.

PNAS_Augmented_N_Cycle_Figure 1

Schematic of the electro-augmented nitrogen cycle enabled by a hybrid inorganic-biological system (PNAS, 2017)


Eight “Bionic leaf” reactors in parallel for high-efficiency CO2 fixation (Science, 2016)


Nano/bio hybrid structure for solar-powered CO2 reduction into acetate with low driving force and high efficiency (Nano Lett., 2015)

Single NW PEC.001

Photoelectrochemical proton reduction tested on single silicon nanowire (Nature Nanotech., 2016)


Asymmetric Si/TiO2 nanowire heterostructure for unassisted solar-driven water splitting (Nano Lett., 2013)