Xun’s Nature Catalysis work gets highlighted

The work of Xun Guan, recently published at Nature Catalysis, is highlighted in the News & Views session of Nature Catalysis. Congrats to Xun! And we are grateful for the support and appreciation from the community!

Below is the figure from the News & Views of Nature Catalysis.

Fig. 1
A microbe–semiconductor hybrid was constructed by interfacing CO2/N2-fixing bacterium X. autotrophicus with cadmium telluride (CdTe) quantum dots (QDs) for simultaneous photocatalytic fixation of CO2 and N2 with internal quantum efficiencies approaching the theoretical limits. When this biohybrid system was adopted for protein synthesis, the production rate was comparable to, if not higher than, most conventional crops such as potato, rice and wheat. hv, incident photon; e, electron; h+, hole; Sred/Sox, redox species in reduced/oxidized form.

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