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Jesus Iñiguez receives the departmental teaching award!

Graduate student Jesus Iñiguez receives Michael E. Jung Excellence in Teaching Awards, in a recognization of his excellence as teaching assistants (TAs) as reflected in undergraduate student evaluations and faculty nomination letters. Congratulations!

The awards are normally presented to students at the department’s annual awards ceremony and at Commencement, both of which have been postponed until later in the 2020-21 academic year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The department will be honoring our graduating students through virtual celebrations in June.

Paper online at Chemical Reviews

Dr. Jiao Deng‘s review on nanowire photoelectrochemistry is online at Chemical Reviews. It takes some time to put all ~280 references together. We are grateful to the collaborative work done with Prof. Peidong Yang of UC Berkeley and Prof. Bin Liu of Nanyang Technological University!

We provide a detailed discussion about the development and potential advantages of nanowires for photoelectrochemistry