Paper online at Chemical Reviews

Dr. Jiao Deng‘s review on nanowire photoelectrochemistry is online at Chemical Reviews. It takes some time to put all ~280 references together. We are grateful to the collaborative work done with Prof. Peidong Yang of UC Berkeley and Prof. Bin Liu of Nanyang Technological University!

We provide a detailed discussion about the development and potential advantages of nanowires for photoelectrochemistry

Roselyn Rodrigues is awarded the Excellence in Second Year Academics and Research Award!

Our dear graduate student Roselyn Rodrigues received the Excellence in Second Year Academic and Research Award from the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, UCLA. She was selected because of her outstanding contributions to the research mission of the department. The award was announced on the Department Awards Ceremony on Monday, Apr. 22nd, 2019, in the CNSI Auditorium. Congratulations, Roselyn!

Jesus Iniguez received the UCLA Graduate Student DEI Awards

Our dear graduate student, Jesus Iniguez, receives the UCLA Graduate student Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Award. Congratulations!

The UCLA Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Award aims to honor those who have motivated other members of the University to strive for excellence. Every year the Award will honor as many as four faculty members, one undergraduate, one graduate student and one staff across the UCLA campus.

Luke Elissiry is accepted into the UC LEADS program

Our dear undergraduate, Luke Elissiry, has been accepted into the University of California Leadership Excellence through Advanced Degrees (UC LEADS) program! Congratulations!

Each year this honor is awarded to up to nine UCLA upper-division undergraduate students in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. It is wonderful that Luke’s undergraduate research in the lab can be supported by the program.

Paper is accepted by Nature Catalysis

Roselyn‘s project on electricity-driven microbial CO2 fixation has been accepted by Nature Catalysis. This work is a collaboration with Prof. Ellen Sletten’s group in our department. Congratulations to Roselyn and all co-authors!

On a side note, Roselyn was selected in the Naval Research Enterprise Intern Program (NREIP), sponsored by the Office of Naval Research (ONR). This summer she will spend ten weeks at Naval Research Laboratory at Washington, DC. Enjoy the summer on the east coast. 🙂