Some funding updates

2020 is not a bad year for the Liu Group so far, as the Liu Group has been awarded a few grants from external funding agencies:

  1. As we reported earlier, the Liu Group is part of the NSF CCI Phase I: Center for Integrated Catalysis, a multi-group center developing spatially separated and temporally switchable catalysts.
  2. The Liu Group is awarded by the NSF Division of Chemistry with a 3-year standard grant: CAS: Ambient Electrochemical Activation of Light Alkanes with Early Transition Metal-Oxo Species.
  3. The Liu Group is awarded by the NSF Division of Chemistry with a 2-year EAGER grant: EAGER: Nanostructure-enabled solution catalysis with concentration gradients.
  4. The Liu Group forges an industrial sponsorship with BASF California Research Alliance (CARA).
  5. Last but not least, the Liu Group receives the NIH NIGMS R35 Maximizing Investigators’ Research Award (MIRA), titled as “Spatiotemporal control of concentration gradients with electrochemistry in extracellular space”. This is a 5-year project about our foray into the interface between electrochemistry and microbiology!

We are grateful for all the research support! Check out our exciting research progresses in the years to come!