Hongyuan Sheng

My name is Hongyuan Sheng, and I am a postdoctoral researcher in the Chong Liu research lab starting in March 2022. I am originally from Shanghai, China, where I obtained a B.S. degree in Chemistry from Fudan University and conducted undergraduate research with Prof. Angang Dong on the synthesis of mesoporous graphitic carbon materials and their applications as electrochemical double-layer capacitors. During my junior year in college, I had a short stint at the University of California, Santa Barbara as a visiting reciprocity student. Following my college graduation in summer 2016, I moved to the Midwest to pursue and eventually graduated with a Ph.D. degree in Chemistry (with specialization in Materials) from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in spring 2022. My graduate research with Prof. Song Jin focused on the experimental development of new and stable metal chalcogenide compound-based electrocatalysts that selectively catalyze the two-electron electrochemical oxygen reduction reaction in acidic solutions for the electrosynthesis of hydrogen peroxide as well as the electro-Fenton process for biomass valorization. Here at UCLA, I hope to combine electrochemistry, inorganic chemistry, materials chemistry, and chemical biology to study electrochemical interfaces and tackle synthetic, energy, and environmental challenges. I am happy to return to the West Coast and start a new chapter in my life.