How group purchase works

Step −1: Before anything can happen, you need to officially join the group before you can submit the purchase request for the group. Undergrads, research assistant, and first-year graduates need to notify Chong since he needs to affiliate you with the group in the online purchase system.

Step 0: Know what you want to buy. And you think you can justify it? Check multiple vendors so that you get the best deal. Our funding is precious. It also pays your GSR and salaries.

Step 1: Login to the UCLA Chemistry & Biochemistry on-line purchase system. Fill up the form as much as you can. Upload it a quote if you need to. It is required for reimbursement and encouraged for other purchases to leave a short justification in the “remark” session. Finally, select the appropriate supervisor and submit.

Tip #1: In case of emergency, you can mark it urgent. This will accelerate the overall process but will incur additional overhead and shipping fees. So be prepared to justify your action.

Tip #2: For requests exceeding $100,000 (startup fund) or $5,000 (any other fund), you need to fill out the “sole source form” to justify why you pick this specific vendor.

Tip #3: For any order in which a single item costs $5,000 or more, it is possible to apply for partial tax exemption to reduce the sales tax by 3.9375%. In such a case, please fill out the “Partial Sales and Use Tax” form.

Tip #4: In the request, you can enter the account FAU in case that you know which one to use. Although money in different accounts is born equal, it is important to use the designated account. This will help Chong to manage the budget and justify the spending in research projects. When more info is requested, contact Chong for discussion.

Tip #5: Although not specified in the online system, travel reimbursement is processed differently. You need to print out the travel reimbursement form, get Chong’s signature, and submit in person to Sara Diaz in the business office.

Step 2: Behind the scenes. Different people will approve your request depending on the type and total cost of the purchase request. Roselyn Rodrigues can approve the purchase of typical lab supplies/chemicals up to $ 500. The rest of requests need to be approved by Chong. You may need to discuss with Roselyn or Chong before approval. Also, please show your mercy so give people about 12 hours to respond.

Step 3: Alas, the last step, but not much you can do. The purchasing office in the department will process your purchase order. Check the status online. In some cases the request may be sent back for more info (e.g. filling up some other forms). Otherwise, keep your fingers crossed so that the gizmos will show up.