Group safety guidelines

Step 1. Take required EH&S training courses (Login to WorkSafe)
1) Laboratory Safety Fundamentals
2) Hands-on Fire Extinguisher Training
3) Chemical Hygiene Plan
4) Laser Safety Training
5) Fire Resistant Glove Liner Training
6) E&HS PPE fitting program
7) NIH Guidelines for UCLA Researchers: IBC Compliance Training (if you deal with bio samples)
8) X-ray Diffraction Safety Training (if you make materials)
Step 2. General lab safety.
1) Print out “EH&S Site Safety Orientation Checklist” in group google drive. Fill out the form and go through the checklist with either Chong or the safety officer. Put your signed form in the group Laboratory Safety Manual (you are supposed to know its location when you finish the checklist).
2) Ask Chong to gain access to the Chemical Inventory System (CIS)
3) Ask Chong to gain access to the Waste Accumulation Storage Tracking (WASTE)
4) Ask Chong to be added into the Laboratory Hazard Assessment Tool (LHAT)
5) Read and sign off on SOPs for common lab solvents and reagents
6) Read and sign off on Spill clean up guidelines
Step 3. Lab specific training for specific chemicals, instruments, and protocols.
These trainings will be performed as you begin to perform experiments in the laboratory. Do not use equipment unless you have had lab specific training for it and signed the training form. Consult the group jobs list to find who to go to for each training. Sign the corresponding SOPs. If SOPs do not exist, one must evaluate if they are necessary and be written and approved by Chong.
In addition, the group will conduct annual safety evaluations in the group meeting (Training record form).
Step 4. A side note: ask the person in charge of group website maintenance to put your names and photos on the group website. You can find out whom to ask here.